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Laundry Soap Machine

laundry soup

laundry soup

1.What is it? 
Laundry soap is an item of daily necessity and essentially a mass consumption item. 
It is used for washing clothes.

2.What can I earn? (gross, net) 
You can earn appropriate profit.

3.What is the market for it? 
Laundry soap is a daily need of every individual. It has a widespread clientele with the major user being the washerman (dhobi)
In the villages the demand is very high compared to the current production.
Hence there is a very good scope for new investment in this field.

4.What is required? (raw materials, skills, technology) 
A small room to operate and some easily available oils and acids.
No specific skill is required.

Main parameter of Laundry Soap Machine:


laundry soap machine-mixer

  • Single-screw with "Z" type
  • Mixing time:5-8mins/time
  • Capacity:25kg/time           
  • Speed:40rpm
  • Mixer type: Z type             
  • Diameter of drum: