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Flock Cutting Machine

Our flock cutting machine is used for cutting high-impact specialty fiber like nylon, terylene, poly-acrylic fiber, vinylon, carbon fiber, fiberglass, metallic yarn, etc. And the flocking machine is widely used for chenille products/article, textiles, construction engineering fiber, silver prints and rubber etc.

Technical parameter:

Feeding width:250mm
Cutting length range from 0.2mm to 8mm, 0.2mm to more than 30mm after change the gear
Maximum thickness of compressed material:50mm(should make it in 40mm)
Cutting length error:±5%~±10%
Output at 1mm cutting length max.approx.150kg/h
Motor power:3kw 380V
Cutting speed:0~260r/min
Weight: 1200 kg
Overall dimension: dia850*1240mm
Compressed air pressure

 Flocking Machine  Flocking Machine


A. Applied national new practical patent and invention patent
B. Super wide feeding width
C. Feeding, Compressing, cutting, the three actions are interval synchronization
D. Highest possible standard of safety for operation and maintenance staff
E. Stepless frequency conversion timing
F. Wet cutting system for highest cutting quality
G. Easy knife change for minimum down times
H. Continuous sharpening of knife
I . Compact design with minimum space requirents for installation


Three rollers transport the fiber tow into an injector, which feeds the tow to the rotating cutting blades using a water jet system. Based on the fiber tow speed and the number of cutting blades installed, the tow cutter controls the necessary speed of the cutting disc to achieve the required staple length of the fibers. The fiber staple are transported into the discharge hopper by gravity, from where the fiber are conveyed through the fiber flume by a stream of water.