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GC R Series Biomass Burner

GC-R Series Biomass Burner

Description of GC-R Series Biomass Burner:

This biomass burner consists of pyrolysis chamber and solid phase gasifying combustor. It is also named wood pellet burner for it burns wood pellet and other high quality biomass fuels. The hot flame is formed by fast air distribution, which is stably and continuously burning without smoke and dust.

Features and Advantages of Biomass Burner:

The biomass burner is a substitute for fire coal, fuel oil, gas and electric energy, which is used in the field of industrial kiln, ceramic kiln, boiler, die-casting machine, dying machinery and coating equipment, etc. It is a kind of equipment working with the renewable clean energy. It can save 30-60% energy than coal, oil, gas and electricity, and all pollutants indexes can meet national standards.