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YG Series Heat Transfer Oil Boiler

Heat Transfer Oil Boiler Description:

Organic heat transfer oil boiler is fired by coal, biomass, oil, natural gas or electricity, and the conduction oil as the carrier, so it is called conduction oil boiler either. Making use of circulating oil pump to force the conduction oil to circulate with the heated liquid, and then transported to the consumer equipment visa pipe network, and then reverses back to the conduction oil boiler. It is a high temperature, low pressure and energy saving equipment.

Heat Transfer Oil Boiler Features:

1. High heating temperature(≤340 ℃), low working pressure (the pressure of circulating oil pump). It is possible to work under low working pressure and gain higher temperature.
2. Stable pressure and temperature: Perfect working and safety inspective devices, controlling the temperature accurately.
3. At 300℃, the saturated vapor pressure of the heating carrier is 70 times smaller than that of water, and save 40% energy than steam boiler.
4. Safe, reliable, save water and electricity, the equipment investment will take back completely within 6-12 months.
5. Applying in every kind of  heating under 340 ℃.