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Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine

Floor Deck Roll Forming Machine chart
Auto-de-coiler------roll guider------leveler and feeding------continuous hole punching-------forming------positioning and cutting-------collection

Floor Deck forming machine Performance
Range of raw material
Material: Galvanized zinc plate, low carbon steel plate, such as Q235
Thickness of raw material: 1.0≤-≤2.0mm
Width of raw material: 250≤-≤400mm
Production area: 30m X 3m
Total power: 42KW
Air supply: 0.9m3/min, pressure is: 0.6-0.7MPa
Main parts parameters:
Inner expansion type with max. 3tons
Drive: 2kw frequency change motor
Inner diameter of coil 500~520mm, out diameter: ≤1200
Speed control by auto induction device.
One pair of horizontal roll and two pair of vertical rolls.
With function of homonymous and guide movement.

Floor Deck forming machine Level machine
Correction roller: Up 4/ down 4 with one pair of feeding roller front and back each.
Lever range: Max. Length450mm, max. Thickness 1-2mm
Drive: 4kw frequency change motor
Drive: 1kw electrical control servo-feeding.
Feeding distance: Can be set up as request
Continuous hole punching part
Punching machine: JE21-80 (80 tons)

Floor Deck Roll Forming Punching mould
Material of punching moulds: Cr12 quenching treatment, hardness58-62.

Main Floor Deck Roll Forming machine
Frame: Dragon type frame, side roller change system.
Forming frame: 18 stations
Max. Feeding width≤400mm, max. Thickness: 1.0≤ -≤2.0mm
Diameter of roller shaft: 70mm,
Material of roller shaft: 40Cr, heat treatment.
Material of roller: GCr15, quenching treatment, hardnessHRC56-62
Motor power: 22kw frequency change motor, ZQ400 reducer.
Drive type: Gear drive type for each frame (excepting main drive)

Flat Sheet Slitting and Cutting Machine
Cutting section
Hydraulic cutting
Hydraulic station: 5.5kw
Material of blade: Cr12, quenching treatment.
Electric control
PLC control system, LCD operation with encoder for length controlling.

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