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Grass Pellet Mill

Grass Pellet Mill/Complete Feed Mills, Plants and Machines

Operating and maintainance:

Maintainance should be considered during the process of operating. When you newly get grass pellet mill, or every time before opening, never skip the step of an overall check to tighten any possible loose button to ensure the machine runs in security. Set the running direction according to the direction mark on the grass pellet mill every time before opening. Then loosen the two bolts on both sides of the cover (that is, the pressing roller) to start the grass pellet mill in a pressure-free condition. For new complete feed mills,plants and machines, check it to see if it can run smoothly. Every time after starting, wait for 2-3 minutes to make sure the complete feed mills,plants and machines can function normally. If it can, add the raw material. After a new machine for grass pellet mill or feed mills being set to completely normal condition, you can add 5kgs bran or something like that and 300-400g vegetable oil, then mix them together. While the machine runs smoothly, put a handful of well-mixed raw material; screw the "adjusting bolts" to make the pressing roller parallel to the template which are keeping pressing against each other. After granular pellet for grass pellet mill is discharged from between the pressing roller and the template normally, continue adding oily mater handful by handful and this processing courses need to be repeated 3-5 times until the template is well abraded. Then start to use the normal powder material. (It is not required to do the same abrading course for new machine any more). However, it is not unnecessary to clean the template after every course, if only it is well lubricated and can discharge fodder smoothly. The length of output fodder can be adjusted by the cutter which near to the output gate. The output fodder will be high temperature, so please set them at ventilated place to make them cooling to the room temperature, then pack and stock them. The temperature of the axle will increase as the template being heated during the processing because of friction. So after the machine for grass pellet mill or feed mills has been running continuously for 200 hours, dissemble and check the axle to see if the pyro-lubricant is enough. If not, clean the axle and add lubricant immediately to prevent the axle being dried and worn off by friction. For some models, they can be empowered by diesel engine, its gearbox must be checked every six month to ensure that it is well lubricated. Lubricant must be added or replaced in time.

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