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Solvent Extraction

We are dedicated to design, supply and service for oil solvent extraction equipment workshops, the turn-key oil projects' range from 100t to 6000t per day.

Main equipment of solvent extraction systems:

Rotary Extractor: Rotor extractor is commonly used in preprocessing raw materials. Rotating cell designed at the top bin level makes it easy to form immersion-extraction and reduce the meal fines content in miscella. This will improve the crude oil quality and reduce scaling in the evaporation system. The extractor is driven by gear rack. Unique balancing rotor is designed to ensure less power consumption, less maintenance cost, and no noise.

Desolventizer: The DTDC is made up of 5 layers. The main functions are: the top layer is designed for Pre-heating, Wet Meal to reduce moisture condense. The 2nd layer is designed for Desolventizing by means of steam penetration. The 3rd layer is designed for Toasting the desolventizing meal in order to remove solvent in Wet Meal completely. In 4th layer, hot air is blown in to remove moisture of meal, It's for Drying purposes. And in 5th layer, blowing cold air to cool down the meal temperature, so we also call it as "Cooling layer". After all these steps, the meal is sent outside of the extraction workshop to Meal Storage Warehouse by the dried meal conveyor.

Miscella Evaporation: It adopt technology of negative pressure evaporation to realize the possibility of making use of the residual heat from DTDC, to save on energy.

Solvent Condensing: Solvent condensing system is closely connected with evaporation system. The tubes inside the Condensers are made of stainless steel, and the horizontal structure improves the condensing effect and extends the serviceable life of Condensers. So it reach the purpose of recycling of solvent and making the manufacture's production cost lower.

Solvent Extraction Equipment Workshop View

solvent extraction plant
workshop of solvent extraction plant
Rotary Extraction
long tube evaporizer
Long Tube Evaporizer

AGICO is dedicated to design, supply, and service for oil solvent extraction equipment and desolventizer. The turn-key oil solvent extraction systems project's range from 100t to 6000t per day.