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Guardrail Rail Roll Forming Machine

TF85-310 Guardrail Rail Roll Forming Machine

Guardrail Roll Forming Machine is an expert machine specialized in guard rail panel. The products of the machine are widely used in the highway and the relate fields. This guard rail  Roll forming machine mainly consists of conic, guide equipment, leveling system, edge cutting ,punching, roll forming system, roll forming cutting system, stacking equipment, stacking move equipment, hydraulic station, electric control cabinet.

Guardrail Rail Roll Forming Machine  Guardrail Rail

This machine features simple structure, good appearance, with advantages of  profiled bar structure , whole processed after weld, and the structure concision and reasonable, good carrying capacity, working smooth and reliable.

a. The roller of the machine adopt imported D2 material, and it features good quench capability and higher intensity, hardness and so on.

b. The roller shaft use #45 steel with heat treatment to improve the intensity ,hardness and other machinery capability of the shaft.

c. The TF85-310 Guardrail Rail Roll Forming Machine can Automatically cut materials into pamel with very precise set length and set position, and the panel have a good appearance and formal.

d. It is convenient to install and test, having lower noise and high working efficiency.

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