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Liquid Motive And Strangnant Oil Film Spindle

Motorized Spindle

Anyang General International Co.,Ltd is one of the leading Chinese companies who specializes in the designing and manufacturing of Motorized Spindle Systems.

Spindle type Clamping dimensions Spindle nose dimensions Spidle nose type Corresponding drawing number Applied machines
PZ13.7-48DJY 137X480 Outside diameter70 Outside taper1:5 A 3MZ1310A
PZ17-40DJY 170X400 Outside diameter80 Outside taper1:5 A 3MZ1420
PZ19-60DJY 190X600 Outside diameter100 Outside taper1:5 A 3MZ1310C
PZ14X16DJY 140X160X175 Inside diameter 18 Inside taperMohs2#I B The machine  to test bearings vabration
PZ28X30DJY 285X300X480 Inside diameter 64 Inside taper1:5 B T783spindle bushing boring machine