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Features of Hammermill:

- are able to produce a wide range of particle sizes.
- work with any friable material and fibre.
- ease of use.
- lower initial investment when compared with a roller mill.
- minimal maintenance needed.
- particles produced using a hammermill will generally be spherical, with a surface that appears polished.

SFSW Series Sieve-free Hammermills

The SFSW Series Sieve-free Hammermills combined with air separator or grading sieve can enhance the efficiency of crushing greatly. The SFSW Series Sieve-free Hammermills use 360° metal scaleboard, free of sieve. Even if there are impurities such as iron nails, bolts, the machine won't be damaged. 
Our hammermill is very suitable to pulverize the material that easily blocks the sieve or very fine material. 
Our hammermill save money and energy consumption.

Water Shape Vibrate Hammermills
Model SFSPZ70*75 SFSPZ112*75 SFSPZ130*75 999I 999II 999III 998I 998II 998III
Powder(KW) 75/90 110/132 160/200 75/90 110/132 160/200 18.5/22 30/37 55
Capacity(t/h) 5.5-6.5 8-10 11-15 12~15 25~35 38~50 1~4 5~6 6~10
Hammer mill China
SFSPZ Series Hammermill
999I,II,III Series Hammermill
Feed Hammermill
Hammer Mill
998I,II,III Series Hammermill
SFSW Series Hammermill

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