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Hammer mill can grind wood chips, small branches, straw, stalk, and many other biomass wastes into 3-5mm long, so that such materials can be fed into the pellet mills for pelletizing, or into briquette machines for briquette making.

There are 2 kinds of hammer mills: small hammer mill used with small pellet mill; large hammer mill used with large pellet mill.

It is almost the most indispensable part for biomass pellet making.

Small hammer mill

Small hammer mill is a basic part in small pellet plant.It can process corn, corn straw, peanut shell, bean straw, branches etc, materials with less than 14% moisture content.
small hammer mill

Working Principle of Small Hammer Mill

When the materials go into the chamber of the hammer mill, they will be crushed by the high-speed of rotary hammers. The crushed materials are along the outer edge of the rotor under the function of centrifugal force and smashed by the squeezing, crashing, striking of the hammer, toothed plate and screen. The smashed materials are sent out of the hammer mill under the function of rotor and draught fan. The particles that don’t pass through the screen hole will be left in the hammer mill repeating the above steps until they are sent out of the hammer mill.

Model Power Size(mm) Net weight (kg) Spindle Speed (r/min) Screen Capacity (kg/h)
420B-7.5 7.5KW (electric motor) 1200×1000×1220 285/310 3200 1.2-10 300-600
420B-11 11KW (electric motor) 1200×1000×1220 310/330 3200 1.2-10 300-600

small hammer mill fsc200 160
1. Feeding hopper, 2. Upper body, 3. Protective shell, 4. Rotor, 5. Blade, 6. Siever, 7.Lower body, 8. Discharging outlet, 9. Foundation frame.
small hammer mill fsc300 200
1. Cyclone, 2. Upper body, 3. Protective shell, 4. Rotor, 5. Blade, 6. Siever, 7.Lower body, 8. Foundation frame.
small hammer mill fsc420 500
1. Lower body 2. Siever 3. Rotor 4. Air fan 5. Upper body 6. Feeding port 7. Discharging outlet 8. Cyclone 

This kind of hammer mill can process crude fiber and large bulk materials, such as twigs, bark, plant roots, wood chips, garbage and chemical waste, etc.

Large Hammer Mill

In the complete pellet mill plant or complete briquette plant, hammer mill is an normal equipment because that there are few materials can be processed into pellets or briquettes directly. They usually need to be ground into proper size by the grinder that they can be processed into pellets or briquette machine.
large hammer mill large hammer mill diagram
1. Feeding hoper  2. Iron remove 3. Outlet  4. Rotor 5. Air additional open
Large hammer mill technical parameters

Model SFSPMX80×45 SFSPMX80×60 SFSPMX80×80 SFSPMX80×100
Dia of Rotor(mm) 800 800 800 800
Width of crushing room(mm) 450 600 800 1000
RPM of Main Shaft(rpm) 2400 2400 2400 2400
Linear speed of Hammer(m/s) 100 100 100 100
Number of hammers 36 48 72 96
Main motor(kw) 18.5/22 30/45 45/75 75/90/110
Bearing model NSK2216 NSK 2216 NSK 2317 NSK 2317
Belt model C2692*5 C2692*5 C2692*5 C2692*5
Damping rubber 6 6 6 6
Sieve size 445*1250 595*1250 795*1250 995*1250
Over size length(mm) 2105 2105 2105 2305
width(mm) 980 1172 1372 1520
height(mm) 1600 1600 1600 1600
Sucking volume m3/min 74 91 110 141
large hammer mill

SFSW Series Sieve-free Hammermills
The SFSW Series Sieve-free Hammermills combined with air separator or grading sieve can enhance the efficiency of crushing greatly. The SFSW Series Sieve-free Hammermills use 360° metal scaleboard, free of sieve. Even if there are impurities such as iron nails, bolts, the machine won't be damaged. 
Our hammermill is very suitable to pulverize the material that easily blocks the sieve or very fine material. 
Our hammermill save money and energy consumption.

Water Shape Vibrate Hammermills
Model SFSPZ70*75 SFSPZ112*75 SFSPZ130*75 999I 999II 999III 998I 998II 998III
Powder(KW) 75/90 110/132 160/200 75/90 110/132 160/200 18.5/22 30/37 55
Capacity(t/h) 5.5-6.5 8-10 11-15 12~15 25~35 38~50 1~4 5~6 6~10
Hammer mill China
SFSPZ Series Hammermill
999I,II,III Series Hammermill
Feed Hammermill
Hammer Mill
998I,II,III Series Hammermill
SFSW Series Hammermill

Features of Hammermill:

  • - are able to produce a wide range of particle sizes.
  • - work with any friable material and fibre.
  • - ease of use.
  • - lower initial investment when compared with a roller mill.
  • - minimal maintenance needed.
  • - particles produced using a hammermill will generally be spherical, with a surface that appears polished.

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