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Punching Briquetting Plant

What is Punching Briquetting Plant?

Punching briquetting plant is a complete production line, refers to a series of production processes from the pretreatment of raw materials, briquetting to packaging.
It involves several equipments, crusher/hammer mill, dryer, punching briquette machine, packager, etc.
Punching briquette machine plays an important role in the punching briquetting production line. It can produce both fuel briquettes and pellets, which are usually used for industrial production. 
punching briquetting line process

Raw materials of punching briquetting plant

There are many raw materials that punching briquette line can turn into fuel briquettes or pellets, such as saw dust, peanut shell, rice husk, cotton rod, sorghum shell, twigs, branch. The end products can be used for enterprise and public institution heating or communal heating, industrial boiler, cooking, household fireplace even biomass power generation.
If you have any questions in setting up the punching briquetting line, we will supply the full set of solving methods to you.

punching briquetting line


Advantage of Punching Briquetting Line

  • Punching briquetting line greatly improves the production efficiency and simplifies the operation for labors.
  • Punching briquette plant has the advantages of high production efficiency, low energy consumption and low costs, etc, helping you to get huge profits.
  • Punching briquetting plant not only produces biomass briquettes, but also biomass pellets, the users only need to change the mold that they can go on the production.
  • Durable spare parts of complete briquette plant prolong the life span and the equipments can be used for longer, producing more profits.
  • The end products from punching briquette plant have regular shapes and it is convenient for them to store and transport.