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YZS-30 Sesame Oil Mill Machine

The YZS-30 oil expeller, which can expel walnut oil and sesame oil for immediate consumption, is perfect for mobile operations such as at a vegetable market, a supermarket, a bazaar in the countryside, or even at home. The residue can be used as fertilizer or forage .

This walnut oil and sesame oil mill is practically designed, compact, light and easy to handle. It automatically expels and filters the oil simultaneously, with a high rate of production and greater oil yield. All parts of walnut oil and sesame oil mill machine can be dismantled, installed and maintained easily. Raw material quantities of 0.2-0.4kg are allowed to be fed into the mill when the mill is hot .

sesame oil mill

Model Diameter of shaft(mm) Capacity Motor Dry cake residue Dimension(mm)
YZS-30 37 15-- 20 kg/h 1.5KW ≤8% 700×700×1200