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High Speed Electric Spindles

Our high speed electric spindles have 4 categories,12 series and 200 varieties. They are mainly applied in high speed inside and outside round grinding, high-speed drilling, milling and carving ,woodworking carving and milling,etc.
Numerical controlled machine spindles includes ADS,ADP series for numerical control milling and machine center. High speed electric spindles have 4 series of AD, ADW, ADL,  ADQ. AD series high speed electric spindles are applied in the grinding below a speed of  40min/s of the grinding wheel ADW, ADL, ADQ high speed electric spindles are separately applied in grinding at a speed of 50min/s,60m/s and 70m/s. Among them ADQ series high-speed electrical spindle is a kind of high rigidity and strong power electric spindle,whose standards have been up to the advanced international level.We are  also exported to many famous intrenational bearing cooperations of Janpan,America and Europe,etc.  
high speed electric spindleshigh speed electric spindleshigh speed electric spindles
Electric drilling and milling spindle includes ADX and ADM series. They include numerical control driller, miller, carver, woodworking carver and miller, etc. Belt spindle includes PZ and MX series, which are seperately applied in inside and outside round grinding and woodworking machine tool. They are used in many major machine tools factories at home and abroad.

Morever, our company can develop and produce special spindles for special usage and specifications to meet the needs of old and new customers. We also provide warm services for you!

High-Speed Electrical Spindle Special design mark
G Partial change
S Turning in a clockwise 
U Voltage change
F Flange connection
High-Speed Electrical Spindle Power (KW)
Z  Lubricate manner is grease,Q is oil-gas and
no mark is oil and fog
Speed (Kr/min)
Clamping diameter or box type centre height   (mm)
High-Speed Electrical Spindle Functional mark 
 No mark for linear speed of grinding wheel is below40m/s
W  The speed of grinding wheel is 40m/s
L   The speed of grinding wheel is 50-60m/s
Q  The speed of grinding wheel is 60-70m/s
M   Mid-frequency motor 
Y  Applied in grinding oil pump nipple
S  Applied in numerical control machine centre
X  Drilling or milling
J   Sawing
C  Lathe spindle

Anyang General International Co.,Ltd is one of the leading Chinese Electric Spindle suppliers who specializes in the designing and manufacturing of High Speed Electric Spindles and High-Speed Electrical Spindles.