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Peanut Roaster

Peanut Roaster

The roaster is designed by our team of experienced engineers for exporting machines internationally. It have many excellencent feactures including: saving cost and energy sources, safety, sanitation, conveniency, temperature control, steady performance, taste sterling products, simple operation and maintenance etc. The products have reached exportng standards.
The machine mainly process food: legume, kernels, nut(e.g. various of peanut kernels, melon seeds, almond, chestnut, horsebean ) etc.
There are different kinds of peanut roasters as the following.

KL peanut roaster machine

Automatic peanut roaster machine belongs to rotary drum type with auto-roasting and auto-discharging. The rotary drum brings even heating and no burn to the beans. Roasting temperature and time could be set to get best roasting performance. It has the features of easy operation, solid quality and low maintain fee that the cost are lower than your competitors.
The machine adapts to roll and heat transmits and radiation by galvanothermy pipe, and have auto-control temperature set in roasting course. The materials are roasted by hot air and are pushed and circulated in a continuum manner, in this way, the product will be heated equally, in order to ensure the products have good quality.

KL roaster machine

Transmission Power
KL-05 0.75kw 13.5kw/380v 50kg/h 2300*1000*1350mm
KL-1 1.1kw 22.5kw/380v 100kg/h 2900*1400*1650mm
KL-2 2.2kw 36-44kw/380v 200kg/h 2900*2100*1650mm
KL-3 3.3kw 54-67kw/380v 300-350kg/h 4700*2900*1650mm
KL-5 5.5kw 112.5kw/380v 500-600kg/h 4700*2900*1700mm

KF small peanut roasting machine 

This small peanut roasting machine is mainly used to drying and roasting raw materials, oil bearing materials such as the soybean, chestnut,peanut,almond, sunflower seed,tea seeds, corn seeds, cotton seeds, palm, coconut and olive.

Feature of small peanut roasting machine :

1. It is very easy to use.
2. It is mainly heating way is coal,gas and electric 
3. Forward and reverse rotary drum type roaster machine,Continuous operation
4. Safe and clean
small peanut roasting machine

Frying rate
KF-25G 60-80kg/h ≥98% 1000*500*900mm 700W
KF-130G 300-400kg/h ≥98% 1500*700*1500mm 1,500W
KF-140G 600-800kg/h ≥98% 2300*850*1700mm 2800W

KZ peanut roasting machine

The roaster has the advantages of one machine with multi – use, easy and fast, time saving, labor saving, high yield rate etc. At present, the roaster is the most ideal roasting equipment.
kz peanut roaster
KZ-25L 12.5kg/h 6kw 990*470*100mm
KZ-50w 25kg/h 9.5kw 1250*600*1300mm
KZ-100w 50kg/h 16kw 1500*800*1560mm

DHL  type electrothermal roaster

1.It adopts roller/heat exchange/heat radiation principle, in order to make sure purity taste of products by principle pipe.
2.It is applicable to peanut kernel, horsebean, coffee bean, melon seeds, nutlet , nut etc. dry and roasted.
3.Advantages: saves energy, safety, sanitation, conveniency, handy operation

2).Technical Parameters:

DHL type Electrothermal Roaster
Power (KW)
Capacity (kg/h)
2900 *2600 *1900

Features of peanut roasting machine 

  • The roaster machine has various kinds of models and two ways of heating—gas heating and electricity heating. 
  • Unique horizontal drum structure, it has uniform heating and good sealing. 
  • The gas heating roaster is equipped with energy saving stove with adjustable fire power. The electricity heating roaster has temperature controller, the temperature are adjustable. 
  • The outer layer of the drum is made of high quality asbestos as the thermal insulation material, which has good performance of thermal insulation and high thermal efficiency. It ensures the temperature requirement of different materials for roast and good flavor. At the same time, it is time saving and electricity saving. 
  • The material is easy to out of the pan. The screening and separation are realized by press the button of clockwise. It is not use to separate by human. 
  • During roastering process, the materials are roasted in the drum without sticking the pan. 
  • It is adaptable for various kinds of dried fruit and nuts, like chestnut, peanuts, melon seeds, pine nut, hazelnut, almond, rapeseed, sesame, beans, red dates, coffee, walnut, all kinds of beans, wheat, rice etc. It is applicable to all major shopping malls, supermarkets, food stores, chain stores, street snacks and other places with dense populated areas for designated operation and processing. It is your good helper to get rich.

Maintaining of peanut roasting machine

  • Add machine oil to each oil mouth before work. Do examine whether the worm gear box is lack of oil every week. 
  • Close the air button for stop the machine of every shaft. If the roaster machine is out of use for a long period of time, the materials in the pan should be cleared out completely and drop a little bit eatable oil at the feeding mouth for 3 minutes continuously. The pan should be remained with oil to ensure the pan without rust. 
  • If the roaster machine is out of use for long period of time, the roaster should be idle running for 10-15 minutes before using. Remove the remained sundries and dry the oil in the drum for heating. 
  • The roaster machine should be rotates for heating. Close the roaster and the machine still needs to operate for 5-8 minutes.