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Canadian client--Wood Pellet Line

Client of wood pellet lineOur client who comes from Canada is very interested in our Wood Pellet Line. After visit our demonstration plant, he is negotiating the detailed information with our employee and engineer.

Detailed Description of Wood Pellet Line:

1. Raw material:
(a). Wood pellet can be made from sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips or wood logs, any wood wastes or biomass. (b). Feed.

2. Involved processes:
Depending on the input product, which can be dry wood shavings, wet sawdust, wood chip and etc. Directly before the pelleting press, a product with a granular size of approx. 4 mm and a residual moisture content of approx. 15 % is required.
The mainly processes are:Wood crushing(if the raw material is not already granulated), material sifter,drying(if the raw material contains too much moisture), pelletizing, cooling and bagging. The whole process is highly automatically controlled.

3. Production capactiy:
1 metric ton per hour to 6 metric ton per hour are available.

4. Highlight of our equipment
1) Reliable continuous operation 2) Low energy consumption 3) Low maintenance cost