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what is the matter of oil return for screw oil press

The return of oil from the screw press means that part of the oil does not seep from the oil line, but comes back from the feed inlet and can be seen from the silo. The oil return of the oil press is an occasional fault in the production of equipment, some of which is caused by improper operation.

We need to understand the structure of the exhaust oil machine. The structure of the press chamber is composed of the press strip and the gap of the oil line is relatively close, which is to control the amount of slag in the press process and to preserve the pressure of the press. When the oil enters the oil press, it is first crushed-pressurized-pressed, and a portion of the oil is pressed out each time it passes through an extruding head. The reason for the oil return of the oil press is very simple. The oil line of the feed section is clogged, and the oil output of this section is larger and easier to clog.

If the oil line in the feed section is blocked and the crude oil is accumulated in the press chamber, it will block the raw material from going forward, that is, the raw material cannot pass the first squeeze head, and there is no place for the oil to go, but only to return along the squeeze snail. This kind of fault, need to clean up the oil line, so that the oil can seep out smoothly. Of course, the second stage and the high pressure end block will also cause the oil recovery of the oil extractor, but the probability is relatively small compared to the first stage; the return oil may be caused by the blockage of the oil slit or the fact that the oil gap is too small for the surface. The former should be removed for cleaning, the latter should adjust the gap between the strips, oil stone grinding oil seam.

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Summer was away and autumn is coming, and then came to the season when peanuts were on the market. It is busy for oil press plant to begin their business.

When using the oil press, the screw press, the press strip, the extruding head press body have been carefully processed, but when we use the oil press, the use of extruded oil for a long time will also make the machine appear the effect of water droplet piercing, which will cause natural wear and tear to the press snail, press strip, extruding head in the equipment. If the oil output rate of the machine is reduced, please replace the screw press, press strip and extruded head fittings in time, so as to ensure that the oil output rate of the equipment is normal and the normal production and use of the equipment are not delayed.

At the same time, we should pay attention to the daily cleaning and maintenance of the equipment when using the machine. After daily use, oil line residue should be cleaned in time to avoid clogging the oil line and affecting the oil production rate. We should always pay attention to whether gear oil in gear box needs to be added to avoid damage due to less oil. In addition to gear oil in the gear box, the vacuum pump we use also needs to be filled with vacuum pump oil. Please do a good job of equipment cleaning and maintenance.