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the excellent technology and structure of wood crusher

The wood crusher is mainly used to cut the raw materials into wood chips of appropriate size. Although the cutting method of the wood is different, the cutting motion and the geometry of the tool have the same similarities. They can be regarded as a wedge cutter. And a straight-angle free cutting process consisting of a linear motion. This simplest and most basic cutting method can reflect the common rules of various cutting methods and cutting mechanisms to a certain extent.

The wood crusher cuts the connection between the wood on the workpiece by means of a tool and according to a predetermined surface. Thereby obtaining an article that meets the required size, shape and surface roughness, such a process is called wood cutting. In most cases, the workpiece is cut off by a relatively large amount of deformed chips to obtain the most cutting methods such as sawing, milling, grinding, and drilling. In a few cases, the cut chips are products, such as veneer cutting, planing and so on. In some cases, the cut chips and the left wood are products, such as chipped materials.

Wood crusher wood ultra-thin section preparation technology preparation method


Use a sharp wood crusher blade to cut the wood sample into the thickness of 1-1.2M in the longitudinal direction of the desired part, boil it in water until the sample sinks, take it out, and soften it by cooking and soaking with various chemical reagents. The specific procedure is as follows: the sample is first boiled in a 1% sodium hydroxide solution (water temperature 100 ° C), and then immersed in a 40% hydrogen fluoride solution for 4 hours, then the sample is taken out of the water, and then placed in the In a mixture of 121 ethanol and glycerin, place in a 100 ° C incubator for 24 h. After softening the sample, it was fixed according to the conventional method. After embedding Epon812 tree wax, it was sliced ​​with a glass knife, stained with uranium lead, and observed under transmission electron microscope. The ultra-thin slice prepared by this method has no wrinkles, no tear, moderate contrast, good observation under electron microscope, and some special structures in wood cells can be found.

Correct detection method of wood crusher

  • After the equipment is placed, first use the hand to move a few turns, then turn on the power to see if the operation is correct.
  • The tool of the machine is a wearing part. When changing the tool, the knife edge extends 2-4mm from the plane of the cutter head, and then the bolt is tightened. If the pressure bolt thread is found to be worn, it should be replaced immediately to prevent damage to the cutter nut. The tree shredder does not change the power and speed during use, sharpening the angle and maintaining the original straight line 28-30°.
  • If necessary, change the degree of expansion of the knife, must be consistent with the length of the knife.
  • By adjusting the length of the knife, when the particles do not reach the ideal, change the sieve with different pore sizes. It is necessary to adjust the knife. The minimum of the hole is not less than 14mm (diameter), the maximum is not more than 20mm (diameter), the length of the knife is between 3-6mm, and the gap between the bottom knife and the knife is not more than 1mm.
  • It is strictly forbidden to put wood with stones and nails into the machine to prevent the knife and internal parts from being damaged.
  • Pay attention to check the hammer bolts and find that they are loose and immediately tightened. When the hammer and bolts are seriously worn, they should be replaced.
  • The sharpening angle is 28-30° straight line. It is strictly forbidden to grind into a convex surface. The convex surface will cause the steel blade to detach or partially uncover the steel.