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how to choose ring die pellet mill

Energy is an indispensable guarantee for people to survive in their daily life. When we use energy in our daily life, it also brings pollution to the environment. Under the situation of worsening environment, it brings us a lot of diseases and disasters. People pay more and more attention to environmental protection, as a developing country, the rapid development of the country brings environmental pollution, so we have to ponder how to achieve the development of economy under the low carbon environment.

We know that climate pollution comes mainly from carbon emissions, and we use fossil fuels because we do not adequately burn the emissions. These are the real culprits of smog and diseases. So the country advocates that we save energy, low carbon travel, but these are far from enough, mainly on the issue of energy, how to reduce carbon emissions in the process of using energy.

Since our country advocated the sustainable development of renewable energy, following light energy, wind energy, biomass energy in China is also rapidly developing and popularizing to become the leading energy. The market demand of new clean energy and environmental protection equipment such as straw pellet mill has been increasing. Meanwhile, the industry of biomass pellet machine in China has become the production and export country of biomass energy equipment, and has maintained an obvious upward trend. Therefore, in the future energy war, the development and utilization of renewable energy will become the main force of energy development.

Why are biomass pellet mill, sawdust pellet mill, straw pellet mill so popular? First of all, it uses waste wood, crop waste: peanut shells, seedlings, rice husks, straw, corn straw, camellia husks, cottonseed shells, wheat stalks and so on as raw materials. The raw materials are quite extensive and are found everywhere in the country. Especially after autumn straw and waste wood chips, our country is a big agricultural country, most of the straw is burned after autumn, which is liable to cause fire and pollute the environment. If the biomass pellets are recycled and sold to biomass power plants or particle burning furnaces, At the same time, it can reduce the pollution of the environment greatly, and the residue after fuel can also be used as Direct use of potash fertilizer, thereby driving rural production power.

Therefore, in general, the biomass pellet mill plays an important role in the sustainable development of energy. There are data points out that in the grain industry, China, Korea and Japan are regarded as a great potential market, and the market and investment prospect of biomass energy development in China are very broad.

The use of biomass pellet mill has gradually become one of the favorite choices of independent entrepreneurs, it can effectively process biomass raw materials, so it is necessary to analyze the quality of biomass pellet mill. The following will to introduce the ring die pellet mil.

We should pay attention to the quality of the ring die and the roughness of the membrane hole, which is an important part of the ring die pellet mill. Its quality directly affects power consumption, output, etc. When the ring die of the biomass pellet machine is in operation, we can check its pellet production capacity and quality. Based on this, we can judge its power. If it does not meet the standard, the operation will not be normal. We'll be able to re-select its specifications.

The selection of ring die pellet mill should be analyzed according to the actual application. We all know that one ring die can not be applied to all products. According to the pellet size, the type of material and the degree of dryness and humidity, it can not only reach the highest production capacity, but also reach the highest quality product.

The thickness of the ring die, the specification of the extrusion hole, the depth, the length and the angle of the taper extrusion hole are all factors that affect the finished product of the particle. In order to use it more appropriately, we should choose the pellet mill to be used for pelletizing. To improve production and food safety and hygiene.

The control of mixing evenness of biomass raw material should be paid attention to by using ring die pellet mill, and the injection time and quantity should be grasped. The granularity of various raw materials is suitable for use to achieve the combination of economic and social benefits. According to these basic conditions, we can select high quality, production efficiency qualified products.