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Biomass pellet fuel comes into fashion

Research and development of bio-energy technology has become one of the world’s major hot topics, concerned by governments and scientists from all over the world. Many countries have developed corresponding research and development programs, such as Sunshine Program of Japan, Green Energy Project of India, etc, of which the development and utilization of bio-energy occupies a considerable share. Many bio-energy technologies and devices abroad have reached commercial applications. Compared with other biomass energy technologies, biomass pellet fuel technology is easier to achieve large-scale production and usage. The convenience of using bio-energy pellets compare with gas, fuel and other energy almost has no difference. In the United States, Sweden and Austria, bio-energy applications, occupies energy consumption of 4%, 16% and 10% respectively. In the United States, bio-energy power generation capacity has already over 1MW, Stand-alone capacity of 10 ~ 25MW. In Europe and the United States, it is ubiquitous for general household to use biomass pellet fuel and equips with high efficient pellet burning stove.
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At present, the research and development of biomass fuel technology and equipment abroad has become more mature, the relevant standard system is also relatively perfect. The research and development of biomass technology and equipment of foreign biomass solidification has been matured and the related standard system has been improved. The mature system and model of raw material collection, pretreatment and biomass solid forming fuel production, distribution and application  have been formed.
In 2005, biomass solid-formed fuel production has exceeded 4.2 million tons all over the world, of which 1.1 million tons in the Americas and 3 million tons in the European region. It is expected that the total output in 2007 will exceed 5 million tons. Existing biomass solid fuel molding plant in Europe is over 70. Only one Sweden has already run more than 10 biomass processing plants, annual production capacity of a single enterprise reached more than 20 million tons.
Using biomass solid-formed fuel is a tendency in the stage of the world. Under a well developed international environment and the support of related international policy. We can surely say that pellet mill definitely has a bright future.
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What makes you choose a biomass pellet mill?

  • Biomass fuel is environmental friendly renewable energy. A green energy that promoted around the world. Biomass fuel in the combustion process up to “zero emissions”-that is slagging-free, smoke-free, sulfur dioxide-free and no other harmful gases. No influence on environment and carbon dioxide emission is close to zero. Using biomass fuel is an effective way to change the adverse changes in climate.
  • Biomass fuel is the reuse of straw, rice husk, wood chips, peanut shells and other discarded crops. Rich resources of raw material.
  • High utilization rate. Biomass pellet fuel can burn longer. Biomass fuel calorific value up to 3700-5000 kcal / kg, fire strong, thermal efficiency of up to 90% or more, saves a lot of energy.
  • The use of biomass fuel operating costs are low, the cost of combustion down to the same as ordinary coal, 1/6 of electric boilers and fuel, 1/3 of gas boiler, eliminating the need for a simple coal burning environmental management costs.
  • The density of fuel is about 0.9-1.2 tons / square, makes pellets easy to transport and storage.
With the decrease of oil, coal and other energy, governments and scientists in the whole world are looking for environmental friendly, renewable and substantial green energy. Biomass pellet mill has a broad and unlimited market prospects. Invest biomass pellet mill device, no matter for household use or large scale use, is a wise choice.