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What is the biomass energy market in the future?

What is biomass energy?

Biomass energy is popular nowadays all over the world. Biomaterials provide the energy we need indefinitely, with far less pollution than fossil fuels or nuclear fuel. As we all know, biomass has many advantages, like increasing the diversity of energy sources, reducing local and global air emissions and contributing to environmental protection.
For biomass energy, the share of renewable energy in developing countries is much higher than in developed countries. The concept of "renewable energy" includes a lot of biomass. So, if it is so-called "modern biomass", we can only include biomass.
Modern biomass refers to biomass that is produced sustainably, excluding the traditional uses of biomass as a fuel, including power generation and thermal energy production, as well as transportation fuels from agricultural and forest residues and solid waste
Many figures and statistics of biomass energy usually include traditional biomass and modern biomass.

Market of biomass energy in the future

Many results suggest that, over the next decade and beyond, the market for biomass energy will grow rapidly.Energy policy will be an important factor affecting the future development of the bio-energy market.The policy highlights a range of future initiatives to support the integration of buildings with renewable heating and cooling and variable output of renewable energy.Measures include the development of new balance service market rules, demand response and other reliability services, which will facilitate the development of controlled thermal power generation, such as biomass energy.
Biomass energy is a major source of renewable energy in industrial applications. There is evidence that technological development will expand the use of bioenergy in an industrial environment. Thus, the 2012 world energy outlook forecasts that biomass for heating will likely grow by more than 60 per cent by 2035.

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Market of biomass pellets

As we all know, more and more people produce biomass pellets with pellet machines. That’s because biomass pellets have advantages over conventional fuels, such as renewable and environmental protection.Biomass pellets are widely used throughout the world. by far the Europe Union is the world's largest consumer of pellets, with consumption of about 15 million tonnes in 2012. According to the date of biomass energy association (AEBIOM), the biomass of Europe, 8.4% of the total energy consumption in Estonia, Latvia, Baltic countries, such as Finland and Sweden, that number has more than 25%.

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As stated, in the future, biomass energy is becoming more and more popular not only in Europe but also all over the world, and it contributes more to the environment and economic development. So check the situation and seize the opportunity to begin your business!