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What raw materials can be processed in biomass pelletizing plant

What is biomass pelletizing plant?

The biomass pelletizing plant is the equipment that uses granulation technology and equipment to pelletize the biomass material into solid particles. Biomass pellet is a new commercial renewable fuel that has been accepted by the European market. Although Europe is a major consumer of biomass pellets, biomass pellets are not mainly distributed in Europe. The United States is one of the world's biggest exporters of biomass pellets.

Raw materials of biomass pelletizing plant

There are many kinds of raw materials can be processed by the biomass pelletizing plant. Here we classify them into different parts.
raw materials

Crop residues

This is the very common raw materials. After harvesting, there will left many crop residues. Such as rice husk, corn stalk, straw and so on. Among them straw is the most common agriculture byproduct. In the rice processing mill, you will find rice husk, which is the outer layer of the rice grain. For corn stalk, before, farmers usually burn them in the field to get rid of it, while burning it will pollute the environment badly. So in many countries, it is forbidden to burn corn stalks directly. Then people find to make corn stalk into biomass pellets with biomass pelletizing plant is a very correct way. 

Wood wastes

Here contains two kinds of raw materials, one is virgin wood, the other is treated wood wastes. Virgin wood means Log or wood that is not treated, water content is up to 60%. virgin wood materials are generally divided into bark, logs, wood chips, sawdust and so on.

Bark is one of the main byproducts of sawmills. Timber logs are the main products of the wood industry and are the trees that are cut down directly. Wood chips are the wastes of making furniture. Sawdust is also a by-product of sawmills. It was made in sawmill's original sawing work. The above four kinds of wood raw materials are all clean wood and can be processed directly in biomass pelletizing plant.

Other wastes

Other wastes like household residues, paper, EFB, grass, and so on, they are all raw materials of biomass pelletizing plant. So when you want to begin this business, you can ask the manufacturer if they can process your raw material. That’s important to test raw materials first. 
biomass pellet plant

Why choose biomass pelletizing plant?

Generally speaking, there are two reasons to choose biomass pelletizing plant. One is to earn money, namely, economic reason, the other one is environmental protection. 

It is true that now biomass pellets are popular all over the world used as fuel, not only in the industrial power but also for home heating. So devoting to the biomass pelletizing plant can make money by selling pellets. It is a good choice to start a biomass pelletizing plant for the global investors.

with the concern of environment problem is growing nowadays, the demand of biomass pellets is urgent. Biomass pellets are a kind of renewable fuel with high density, good combustion performance and low carbon emission. The raw materials used are mainly waste, which is a social burden. Therefore, to start a biomass pelletizing plant, we can not only make money from rubbish, but also help reduce the world's carbon emissions.