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Water temperature is important when working on the oil press

The oil press refers to a machine that extrudes oil from the oil by increasing the temperature and activating the oil molecules by means of mechanical external force. At present, the oil press can be divided into a household oil press, a screw oil machine, a hydraulic oil press, and a fully automatic oil press. The reason why the automatic oil press is called automatic is to put the raw materials into the machine, and the machine automatically stirs, presses and filters. One can operate. Automatic temperature control, vacuum filtration, simple operation, less floor space and high oil yield.

The power automatic oil press has advanced design, reliable performance, simple operation and convenient maintenance. It has the characteristics of energy saving, high oil yield, labor saving, wide application, relatively pure oil quality and small footprint. Household oil presses, also known as small oil presses, micro-oil presses, screw presses, dual-mode oil presses, household oil presses, and all-intelligent oil presses. As the name implies, it is a household oil press suitable for home use. The household oil press is a small oil pressing machine that uses hot or cold pressing technology to extrude food vegetable oil through a screw stream at a high temperature or a constant temperature.
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Water temperature is the key when working on the oil press

The oil press automatically controls the moisture of the temperature oil during the press when it is working. The raw material of the oil can be directly softened, and the activity time of the oil molecules can be effectively controlled. The press controlled by the oil press system will not change, and it can be cleaned as long as it is cleaned. The oil press with the electronic temperature control system has a high oil yield. The system of the oil press can affect the performance of the oil press, which affects the output and quality of the oil press, which is related to the efficiency of the system control of the oil press. Therefore, the temperature control system of the oil press and the separation factor and the diameter of the drum are very important. Generally speaking, the higher the rotational speed of the drum of the same diameter, the greater the centrifugal force, the better the discrimination result.

The oil press is equipped with a vacuum fine oil filter system. If the oil extraction rate of the oil press is high, it depends on the oil filter of the oil press. The oil quality is good, the use is reasonable, and the output is high. The edible oil produced is clear and translucent. The oil press feeds smoothly, and the press type oil press automatic copper core motor drive has wear resistance, low energy consumption, large work force, fast press speed and constant feed speed. The oil yield is high. It will not be affected by the weather. It can be used to squeeze peanuts, rapeseed, soybeans, sesame seeds, oil sunflowers, sesame, and other oils. It is only necessary to use different specifications of the mold and raw materials to squeeze out different edible oils. As long as the specified power is reached, the efficiency and profitability of the oil press can be effectively improved. This constitutes the two major elements of the pressure and heat of the oil pressing process, destroying the tissue cells of the oil, the oil overflows from the oil line, and the cake is pushed out from the cake head and the cake. When the spilled oil flows through the oil pan into the oil filter drum, the vacuum pump draws the air out of the drum. A negative pressure is formed in the barrel, and the oil passes through the filter cloth and is drawn into the barrel, and the oil residue is isolated on the filter cloth, and the pure oil is obtained.