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The market prospect of straw briquetting machine is very good

While biomass straw briquetting machines are globally addressing long-term challenges such as climate change, China's continued investment in clean energy research and popularization is particularly important. We look forward to South-South cooperation and North-South cooperation in China's energy-promoting energy sector, helping developing countries in Africa and Asia to solve energy problems and play an important role in achieving global energy goals.

Biomass pellet fuel has gradually evolved into an international clean energy source. Biomass straw briquetting machine is a new type of mechanical equipment based on the development of clean energy industry. The products are low carbon and green.

The raw material production of biomass pellet fuel is in rural areas, and processing and market in the city are the best link and grasp for building new workers, farmers and urban-rural relations. Based on the development of biomass pellet machine, its significance is not only to solve energy, but also to make Chinese agriculture into a new era of “energy agriculture”.

briquetting machine

There are two main methods for straw treatment. One is to use crop straw as the main raw material, adding branches and wastes, and other agricultural and forestry wastes to produce beef and sheep feed. Second, the above raw materials are compacted by special process to form unit volume. Biomass fuel with high calorific value and easy transportation.

China is a large agricultural country with high crop straw yield and annual output of 6 million tons. It is an indisputable fact that coal resources in China have been decreasing and coal prices have risen. The country is facing a crisis of energy shortages, especially in rural areas where it is not suitable for cheap straw, but it is not worth the cost of buying coal at high prices.

Crop straw is an important renewable resource, and disposal of straw biomass waste has become a major social problem. In order to eliminate the waste and irregularities caused by waste of straw resources and environmental pollution, and increase the straw resource and commercialization of farmers' income, the State Council issued a comprehensive utilization of the promotion of crop straws, clearly requiring the comprehensive utilization rate of straw to exceed 80%. The Ministry of Finance has also formulated specific fiscal and tax support policies for the main responsibility of the People's Government for the comprehensive utilization of straw. The comprehensive utilization of straw has obvious claims supported by the government and taxation, and its market prospect is broad, and “straw coal” is the first choice. Straw briquetting machine is a device for crushing and compressing efficiency of biomass raw materials such as straw, environmentally friendly fuel or raw material. The product straw briquetting press is used as feed or fuel.