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Roller-typed pellet mill exported to Canada

Last month, a series of roller typed pellet mills were ordered by our Canada customers, they have been successfully delivered at the beginning of April. 

R type is called rotating roller type. Differences between the two types of diesel pellet press are the motion pattern of die and roller, and the transmission components. As to the price, D type diesel engine pellet mill is cheaper than the R type, as R type is the upgrade version of D type. And our customers ordered the roller typed pellet mill because of the large production capacity of our machine. 

Features of R-type pellet mill customers ordered

  • The roller and bearings of main shaft are auto lubricated. Such design can not only save time on maintaining the machine, but also extend the service life of bearings.
  • The R-type design (roller rotating instead of flat die rotating) allows the raw material to enter the pellet press vertically, this can not only prevent material blocking, but also make it easy to press coarse fiber material, so that the raw material range is wider.
  • The flat die of the pellet press is made from alloy steel (42CRMO) and processed by vacuum heat treatment, therefore its wear-resistance and hardness are high, and the service life is prolonged.
  • All the holes on flat die are processed by fully automatic CNC drill with high precision and glossiness. It can improve machine productivity and decrease production cost.
roller type pellet mill
roller type pellet mill
roller type pellet mill
roller type pellet mill
roller of Rtype pellet mill