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News on Maize Flour Price Rise in Kenya

The Kenya government has announced that the export of maize flour product is forbidden now, this is the measure taken for lowering the flour price in the domestic market of Kenya, since November 31th, 2012, the maize flour price has been rising like crazy-the price almost has doubled, and it has caused the public gathering and demonstration, the government was forced to take a series of measures to ease this tension, for example sell the nation hold brand maize flour, the effect is not that obvious with the bad transportation conditions.

Kenya is an agriculture developed country, it used to be a maize flour exporter in the last few years, but lately there has been news on Kenya starts to import corn from other countries to solve the flour price crisis.

The agriculture industry of Kenya is not well developed for the number of large and advanced maize miller equipment in the flour processing factories is still less than the other countries, the investment of new maize flour plant in Kenya is a good plan now, if you are looking for the best maize millers manufacturer in China, AGICO is a very good choice for you!