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India Customer Visit Peanut Shell Pellet Mill Manufacturer

From September 10th to 16th, customers from India visit us, a pellet mill manufacturer. They expressed their great interests in peanut shell pellet manufacturer, and want to sign a contract about a pellet producing line in March 2012. The following pictures are customer visiting and peanut shell pellet machine exhibition.

Show the details of the electric control cabinets to Client

Peanut Shell Pellet Mill

Checking the hammer mill

Peanut Hummer Mill

The test production on crushed peanut shell is very successful.

Pellet Shell Mill Manufacturer

Checking the 350 belt driven biomass pellet machine

Pellet Milling Machine

India Clients are taking the overview on the pellet mill

Pellet Mill Machinery 

India client is taking the pellet for sample testing

Pellet Shell Machine