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How to cut cost when breeding rabbit

Many people in breeding industry like choose rabbit, it is a small invest, quick return industry. It doesn’t need too many grains and complex processing equipment. It’s a way to get rich in countryside. Rabbits were originally bred for their meat and fur. But now, many of the rabbits are bred as a pet in families. Rabbit feed is a most important part in rabbit breeding. Rabbit feed include grass, corn, bran, bean cake etc.
breeding rabbit

Rabbit bred management: 

Rabbits are herbivores, Feeding should be mainly based on green feed, fine material is also needed. Daily feed should include a variety of feed. In summer , green feed is better. In winter, hay and block feed will be better. Clean drink water supply also needed. In winter, it will be better to drink warm water. The rabbits are afraid of heat and humidity, clean rabbit house in time will be necessary. keeping the rabbit’s nest clean and dry is impotant. Take rabbits under the sun and do some exercise can enhance the rabbit’s disease resistance.

Today, we’d like to introduce a machine which can cut cost in rabbit breeding--- rabbit feed pellet machine. It can warming up to about 70 degrees in process pellet. And you can add many materials to make balanced diet. The surface of the pellet is smooth and clean. Hardness is moderate. The high degree can kill pathogenic microorganisms and parasites. It is also suitable to make feed for chicken, duck, goose, pig, fish etc.

A small type pellet machine is designed for small poultry farmers, the pellet can be preserved for a long time.
grass pellets for rabbits

Rabbit feed pellet machine has advantages as below: 

  • During the production process, under the pressure of the machinery itself, the starch in the feed can undergo a certain degree of ripening, resulting in a strong aroma, and the texture of the feed is hard. It is suitable for pigs, cattle and sheep eating.

  • Pellet formation process can make the pancreatic enzyme resistance factor in grains and beans denaturize, reduce the adverse effects on digestion, kill all kinds of parasitic eggs and other pathogenic microorganisms, and reduce all kinds of parasitic diseases of the digestive system.

  • Feed convenient, high utilization rate, easy to control feeding, easy store, clean and hygienic. In particular, fish farming can reduce waste due to the slow dissolution of pellet feed in water and it will not be submerged by sediment. 

  • Roller and die are made of 40 Chromium alloy wear-resistant materials, which have long service life, reasonable structure, and strong and durable features.

    pellet mill

How much it will cost for a rabbit feed pellet machine?

  • We know so many advantages of the pellet and pellet machine , price will be taken into consideration before we make a decision to buy it or not. There are some tips for your reference.
  • Manufacture , big manufacture will use high quality parts making the machine. So when you want to buy a pellet machine, big manufacturer will be your best choice. Quality can be guaranteed.
  • After-sales, after sales is important, especially for machine product, before buying a rabbit pellet machine, we should know the manufacture’s after-sales service clearly. Knowing the service life of the pellet machine and wearing parts. If there has some problem shows, we can contact manufacturer and solve it in time.
  • When we choose which type pellet machine we should buy, I suggest you buy a higher output than your required output. During operation, the machine will has wear in some degree, a higher output can guarantee that you can get the amount you need in time.

If you want to cut cost when you bred rabbit , pellet machine will help you a lot. pls come to us if you need a pellet machine.