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Enquiries from Our Customers about Oil Machinery and Ice Block

Good morning,

I need to have some knowledge on complete equipment to process about 30.000 tons/year of palm fruit. Including the estuation of palm oil and palm kernel oil, which all the components for the plant.
Best regards
--------------------------------------------------------------------From Angola

Dear sir,

I'm interested in your ice block machine. I need a machine that produces ice block of 18kg about a capacity of 15tons and 18tons per day. I need also a cold room to store block. And also the crane system Please send the price and the specifications of these machines.
Best regards
--------------------------------------------------------------------From Congo

Dear Sir or Ma'am,

Good day, Please send me a quote for the machine below:
1. Part number: 9Z-30    Qty: 2 PCS
- Please send me a quote including transportation cost from the factory to the Vietnam border. (No need to cross the border)
- Please advice about the lead time.
- Please send me a datasheet for reference and final approval.
Waiting for your prompt reply,
Thank you very much!
--------------------------------------------------------------------From Israel