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Enquires About Oil Expeller from the Whole World

I'm originally based in the United States, New York. But currently in Malawi in southern Africa now, I want to inquire about your oil expellers and the oil refinery/filter for making peanuts and groundnuts. What are your prices and I'm looking for efficient machinery that can deliver a high capacity yields, but at an affordable price. So I'd be please to hear from you and take it from here.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------from Malawi

Send the prices of small palm kernel oil press and other details that would be useful for my decision on the capacity to import to Nigeria or contact address of your agent in Nigeria.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------from Britain

Cost of the oil making machine.
Add Cost of delivery to Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.Capacity it can produce per hour and Capacity of the generator that can power it and its noise level.

------------------------------------------------------------------------from Nigeria