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Don’t give excuse on expanding biomass pellets

Biomass pellet fuel has come into our life, the national promotion, the clean environmental protection biomass pellets are the density 1.0-1.3 / cubic biomass pellets made by the biomass pellet machine from the crop straw, the sawdust, the wood waste and so on.

Potential of Biomass Energy Utilization in Rural areas

According to statistics, before 2000, biomass energy accounted for 55.1717% of the energy used by rural residents as fuel, and the annual output of straw was about 6-700 million tons, or about 3-3.5 billion tons of standard coal, and the waste wood of forestry could reach 1 billion tons every year, about 500 million tons of coal.

In view of the above problems, this paper investigates the basic situation of biomass fuel, finds out the amount of resources, the available amount and the applicable range of biomass pellet fuel, and at the same time, deeply demonstrates the new technology of utilization of agricultural and forestry wastes at home and abroad, and sums up the demonstration experience. In order to promote the application of biomass pellet fuel, we should investigate deeply, take measures according to local conditions, plan as a whole, study and formulate related promotion policies, and gradually establish a complete supporting service system to promote the application of biomass pellet fuel.
wood pellets

The popularization and use of biomass fuel depends on the scale of the equipment and industry of biomass pellet machine. After the pilot project has been carried out, the existing technology is gradually improved, the equipment production is realized on a large scale and industrialization, and a perfect technology research and development and equipment production are formed. Raw material collection, product distribution system, effectively reduce the use cost of biomass fuel, promote the development of biomass pellet engine fuel technology to provide the necessary conditions for the wide use of new biomass fuels. In establishing a reasonable and effective operation management model and improving the service system, combining with the past and other areas of biomass pellet fuel promotion work, Conduct personnel training in a targeted manner Equipment personnel management, formulation of relevant incentive policies, policy and financial support to promote the marketization of biomass briquetting fuel; explore a reasonable and effective operation management model, in the process of demonstration and promotion of the establishment of a service system, set up professional service organizations to solve farmers' difficulties, guarantee biomass briquetting fuel science, promote steadily. Through "policy support, economic guidance, demonstration drive, industry promotion," Improve services and gradually promote the use of biomass particulate fuels in rural areas. Although the state attaches great importance to such new sources of energy, the lack of support policies and the high cost of biomass pellet fuels... Under market conditions, enterprises aiming at profit maximization are unwilling to increase investment in energy saving and emission reduction, which often requires government intervention to make up for market deficiencies.

Therefore, we have to look at the problem from a long-term perspective. After a hundred years or two years of coal use, what did we depend on for future development? You don't do it, I don't do it, who does it? What we do today is the technology and reserve for the industrialization of biomass energy.

"The industrialized utilization of biomass energy is an important support for the future urban development of our country, especially for the urbanization of agricultural and rural areas. Wind energy, small hydropower and biomass energy will be important supports for rural development. The development of urbanization has brought a large amount of garbage, and garbage disposal is also an efficient and intelligent application of biomass energy. In this way, can we not develop biomass energy?