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Clean Up City with Wood Pellet Machine

The greening areas in cities help a lot in improving the air quality, but with the autumn comes, the leaves and branch craps can be all over the roads with the wind, usually these wastes are all collected and get burned somewhere away from the city or left somewhere to get rotten, any way, this would cost a lot of labor with no extra value created.

With wood pellet machines produced by AGICO Energy Company, the waste from trees and grass can be made into wood pellets, which is a renewable fuel suitable for cooking and heating, and I believe the amount would be very attractive.

Of course, wood pellet machine can be used in rural areas too, when the crop harvest are finished, as the same as in the cities, the straws left in the fields are better be processed into wood pellet rather than burned with thick smoke all over the sky.

With the purpose of breathing fresh air and recover the original color of the sky, wood pellet machines would do a perfect job, in one word, prepare for the winter and the better environment now.