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A Report to Pellet Stove in Europe

In 2012, it estimated that there were newly increased 60,000 biomass pellet stoves in Europe and 300,000 pellet stove including 200,000 ones in Italy.

Before processed, pin tree materials are available for two months, thus to avoid troubles during processing. Italy is the leading domestic pellet market in Europe. It has particles burning stove and biomass boilers more than 1.7 million units. Italian household burning stove in the market shares of up to 90%, the rest 10% are medium-sized boilers. 150 million people in Europe use the particles as a heating fuel. Home heating system heat output 1KW particles consumption costs about 4.7 euro cents, compared to gas up to 7 euro cents, fuel up to 10 euro cents.

In the coming days, we will continue publish the report.