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Process of soybean extruder

Soybean extruder is the main technological equipment for rice bran stabilizing treatment and bean extruding in cereal and oil industry, and also can be used to manufacture different expanded feeds in oil mills, rice mills, and soybean protein factories and feed mills.
This extruder is composed of a driving system, a feeding device, an extruding device, an electric control cabinet and so on
The working principle of the extruder is to transfer mechanical energy to thermal energy by extrusion, friction and shearing function of non-equidistance screw extrusion system, and form a certain pressure and temperature in the extruding chamber, so material is sprayed out from the discharging die head to be expanded and formed.
Crude oil manufactured by extruding and extracting technology is of light color and low acid value, it is easy to make advanced cooking oil in different levels; and bulk weight of material increases after being expanded, so that production capacity of extruder can be greatly improved and residual oil rate of dry cakes is lower than 1%. Raw material is naturally heated to about 110