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How to make peanuts oil with oil press?

Generally speaking, peanut oil is a useful item and common in your kitchen, and if you learn the skills of how to make peanut oil at home, you don’t need to purchase it from the super market or grocery stores. It is clean to make peanut oil at home, you can use it relieved. Making actual cooking oil from peanuts requires an oil press. Presses designed for home use allow you to feed seeds and nuts into the top, and, by cranking the handle, collect peanut oil underneath it. Actually, it doesn’t take much effort about making peanut oil at home, while you need some time to do that. Maybe in the weekend, spend some time in the process, the more complex part is the preparation process. Now let’s look at the steps of making peanuts oil at home together.

How to make peanuts oil?

Step 1 Get the peanuts

cultivating some peanuts or purchase fresh peanuts from the markets. Perhaps you need a large number of peanuts, because there are shells of the peanuts, and maybe every 4.5 pounds of peanuts you process, you can expect about 1 quart of peanut oil. So you must prepare quantity of peanuts.

Step 2 Shell the peanuts

This process may waste too much time of the whole process to make peanuts oil, first you should break the hard shells and bring out the peanuts with some container to store them, then next you have to remove the fine skin layer of the peanuts. finally wash the peanuts clearly at least twice.

Step 3 Soak the peanuts

This is necessary to put the washed peanuts in a clean container and pour some warm water into it, the proper time is 10-15 minutes to soak the peanuts, to make the peanuts be soft.

peanut oil

Step 4 Blend the peanuts

Put the peanuts in the blender after draining the water for soaking peanuts. you must make the peanut paste before making peanut oil. Blend the peanuts thoroughly, to get a smooth, buttery paste of peanuts. if you find it’s difficult for the blender to run, you can add some warm water but not too much, or the consistency maybe more watery. Except blending the peanuts, there is another easy way to make peanuts oil without blending the peanuts, it’s with the help of oil press. You can put the cleaned peanuts into the oil press, according to the manufacturer's instructions to operate the oil press. Maybe turning the crank of the oil press, maybe with the electric. Then place a funnel into the feed inlet and a sturdy jar to catch the oil just under the oil outlet. It's also helpful to set a paper plate under the spout that expels the nut solids. Continue adding peanuts to the feed inlet as you turn the crank of the press. Check the jar to ensure that oil is coming out of the oil press as you turn the crank.

Step 5 Refrigerate the peanut paste

If without oil press, after making the peanuts paste, you should refrigerate it. Pour the paste in an air-tight container and cover the lid tightly. Then put this container into the refrigerator for at least one day. Finally the oil will automatically rise on the top through this process, which is most important.  

Step 6 Separate the oil

When you find that there is oil rise on the top after about one day, you can separate this. To strain the oil into a bowl or some other containers with a colander. Do this for several times. You can get peanuts oil finally.

Step 7 Store the oil

When finally get the peanuts oil, you can pour it into a jar or bottle, Seal the bottle or jar tightly, and store it away from heat and light.