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how to solve the malfunction of oil press?

It is common that there will be some malfunctions of the oil press, when it works for a long time. And do you know the common malfunctions and how to solve them? Let’s talk about together.

Low moisture content in press

Common malfunctions of oil press

There are usually two malfunctions of the oil press, one is when the moisture content is too low, this situation may cause something wrong like the following.

  • The squeezing cage of the oil press machine sends out a cluck noise, making the whole oil press vibrate.
  • The cake can not be broken into blocks, scattered and dark brown,  with focal spots.
  • The load current of power motor is higher than 30 amperes.
  • Out of the oil position to move out of the pie direction, the cake exit smoke, less oil, deep brown oil color.
integrated oil press

If the above phenomenon lasts too long, it will cause serious mechanical damage accident. At this time, the steam pressure must be reduced immediately, the direct steam injection volume must be increased in the upper steam cylinder, the closing of the discharge door will be reduced, the feeding to the press cage will be reduced, and the cake thickness shall be increased. Let the machine load gradually decreased, and then adjust, so that it returned to normal working state.

Another common malfunction is with high moisture content in press.

The following phenomena will occur when the moisture content of the press is high.

  • Less feed, or even no feed, or rotation of the material with the shaft.
  • The cake block is loose and soft, the water vapor is much, the cake comes out with oil, the cake and the shaft rotate together when the cake comes out.
  • The motor load is reduced, the working current is below 20 amperes.
  • Reduce the amount of oil, white oil color, foam, oil position to move to one end of the feed.

When the above situation occurs, the indirect steam pressure should be raised step by step immediately, the direct steam injection rate should be reduced, and some slag cakes should be added at the feeding mouth until the oil extractor returns to normal state.

What should do to make the oil press works freely?

After working 50 hours, check the lubrication condition, the oil cup above the reducer must not be short of oil, the source press screw shaft adjustment screw bearing should be extracted from the adjustment screw hole and added butter once, dry grinding is strictly prohibited.

The lubricating parts should prevent dirt and other impurities from intruding, check the engine oil quality of the reducer once a year, and replace all the oil if any deterioration is found.

When the press volume is reduced and the cake or oil is not normal, the screw press shaft should be drawn out, and the wear of the squeeze screw, the press strip, the cake outlet should be checked, and the worn parts should be replaced in time.

After each work, the machine should clear the residue cake, clean the machine surface dust dirt.

After the end of the production season long storage, there should be a maintenance, and will squeeze snails, press strips, cake head to remove wash and reapply oil, put in a dry place.

After each pressing of the oil press, remove the screw shaft from the residue and scrub the rotary mouth with a dry cloth and a cotton stick to prevent clogging.