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Why Do We Use Biomass Pellet Manufacturing Equipment


There are too many selections of fuel in modern society. Either traditional fossil fuels like oil, coal and natural gas, or eco-energy such as solar, water, wind and geothermal energy. As one of clean and renewable energy, the biomass energy, especially the biomass pellet fuel, is an outstanding energy source that is becoming increasingly popular all around the world. Then what feedstock can be processed with the pellet manufacturing equipment? And what characteristics does it have?


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What feedstock can be processed by pellet manufacturing equipment?

First of all, let's get to know something about the feedstock. As we all know, there are lots of agricultural waste and municipal solid waste in our daily life. But traditional processing approach is to landfill or incinerate the stalks and solid waste, which is quite one of the principal sources of pollution to both the urban and rural environment. Take China as an example. The big agricultural country's annual quantity of crop residues is a total of about 700 million tons. Besides, there are a large number of branches and wood chips from forest logging and processing activities, which is also 100 million tons in aggregate. If these residues are buried or incinerated, it is hard to imagine how much more pollution would be added to the atmosphere and land. But these, together with the livestock manure and other household waste, are all material for biomass pellet manufacturing equipment. Despite the variety of sources, classes and textures, pellet manufacturing equipment can satisfy the demands for processing all the feedstock above.


What features does the fuel made by pellet manufacturing equipment have?

Compressed after crushed and conditioned, the hard pellets produced are dense, easy to store and transport, easy to burn and have a good combustion performance and high thermal efficiency (at least 5 times higher than being directly burnt). Furthermore, they have little ash content after burned, and hardly generate SO2, which will largely reduce the environmental pollution. These features together make biomass pellet fuel a good energy source for industrial boilers, residential heating, household cooking & heating, etc. Our pellet manufacturing equipment is designed in full consideration of the characteristics of biomass material, which ensures that the fineness of crushed material can reach the required level. Certainly, our key parts like dies and rollers are well-made to give the whole equipment lower power consumption, longer service life and better combustion performance.


Practical, adaptable and economical biomass pellet manufacturing equipment is forever our pursuit. Years of experience will perfectly ensure the quality of our products and service, which will contribute much to your biomass pellet fuel manufacturing.