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Soybean oil press with low price

What is soybean oil?

Soybean oil is the vegetable oil extracted from soybean seeds. The number of soybean oil is the highest in the world. There are many kinds of soybean oil. According to the type of soybean, it contains the butter and the transgenic soybean oil. The color of crude soybean oil varies from soybean variety. Usually, the color is light yellow, light green, yellow and so on. Refined soybean oil is light yellow. Dark soybean oil is not good, and the thermal stability is poor. When heated, soy oil produces more bubbles. Soybean oil contains more linolenic acid, easy to oxidize, produce "bean odor".

Soybean oil is a common edible oil. Soybean oil is extracted from soybean seeds by cold or hot pressing. Cold oil has light color and light soybean flavor. As for hot pressed oil. High temperature processing leads to high oil yields. Beans are darker in flavor and darker in color. According to the process, they contain crude soybean oil, filter soybean oil, and refine soybean oil, which is yellowish brown. However, most refined soybean oil is yellowish and sticky. If soybean oil is exposed to air for a long time, there will be unstable film on the surface of soybean oil. The nutritional value of soybean oil is higher than that of other edible oils. So more and more people like soybean oil, and obviously, the screw soybean oil mill machine is more and more popular. 
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Soybean oil press machine

A screw oil press is an advanced press for edible oil market. It can be used for squeezing peanut, rapeseed, cottonseed, coconut, etc. It can be used for cold and hot oil extrusion process of various oil materials. The integrated screw press can be used in small and large press plants. It can not only press oil, but also filter oil through vacuum filtration device, thus saving the time and cost of cooking oil and simplifying oil pressure .

Characteristics of soybean oil press machine

  • The best feature is that soybean oil press machine can be used not only for hot extrusion but also for cold extrusion.
  • The oil comes out freely, never spray out to hurt people. And the finished oil is with highly purity.
  • Low energy cost and easy to operate, only one person can operate it freely. And it is controlled by PLC system, so it’s also safe. 
  • The whole soybean oil press machine is made of carbon steel.

Service we offer about soybean oil press

1. We offer techniques for free.
2. We will provide spare parts with low price and high quality only you buy our soybean oil press.
3. We can help you to repair oil press if there is something wrong with it for a very long time, generally one year. 
4. We will test each oil press machine before sending out so customers can operate as soon as they receive it.