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Not One Less: The Screw Conveyor


It is known that the delivery device is an important part of a machine, there must be a conveyor to connect different parts of a production line, otherwise the moving of material will be a big problem - you can not put the dried pellets to the cyclone hopper, nor can you place the processed pellets to the cooling device to be further processed.

A screw conveyor is such a device that plays an indispensible role in pelletizing processes. A screw conveyor, also called screw feeder or spiral conveyor, is a mechanism that uses a rotating helical screw blade to move the pellets or other material from one place to another within a tube. In pelletizing processes, it is usually used for feeding the mixed material into the pellet mill.

A screw conveyor

What is it used for?

The screw conveyor can be used in many situations. It can raise or lower material to different levels of a facility and can transport material loads in a continuous flow. For pelletizing, a screw conveyor is often installed between the drying equipment and pelletizing system to effectively move the dried material to the distributor for pelletizing. In fact, almost any powder, granules, etc can be transported in a tilted way by the screw conveyor, which is suitable for small pieces of powdered and granular raw materials, intermediate products and finished goods in food and feed industry.

What features does it have?

1. Adjustable. It can be used for either horizontal or inclined transport of material based on your needs. In addition to that, there are double-outlet models for you to choose, to adapt to the situation of feeding for two pellet mills at the same time.

2. Simple structure and easy maintenance. A screw conveyor is generally composed of a body, feed/discharge ports and the driving device (usually a motor).

3. Cross-section of small size with a good sealing performance. The shell is made of seamless steel pipe, and flanges are used for end connection, which can ensure good rigidity.

Where can I buy it?

If you're considering buying a screw conveyor, please choose reputable manufacturers that can provide high-quality products. Be sure to make a decision after a comparison between potential suppliers.

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