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Make the Most of Alfalfa with Alfalfa Pellet Mills

Alfalfa is a perennial flowering plant in the pea family. It has been grown as livestock fodder for over 2,000 years, and as is known to us, it is still widely cultivated as an important forage crop for cattle in many countries all over the world, especially those in America and Europe, which together contribute nearly 90% of global production. Since alfalfa is such a widespread kind of pasture, there are an increasing number of people using alfalfa pellets made by alfalfa pellet mill to raise cattle. But there is another better way to take advantage of it - alfalfa pellets can also be used as renewable biomass fuel, which is cost-saving and ecologically sound.

Alfalfa is a very environmentally friendly fuel after made into pellets by alfalfa pellet mill. Energy and environment is a matter of particular concern of people in modern society. Reserves of traditional fuel like coal, oil and natural gas has been depleted, which forces people to searching for more efficient, greener, more economical and renewable energy. Alfalfa pellet fuel, as one of biofuels, is such a kind of energy. With an alfalfa pellet mill, we can contribute to the environmental protection significantly and save our cost at the same time.

To make alfalfa pellets yourself, the most important equipment you need to have is an alfalfa pellet mill. You can choose ring die pellet mills for larger production, or pellet die pellet mills for home use, all based on your need. The power source can also be configured. You can use electric, diesel, gasoline type, or even a PTO (standing for power take-off) alfalfa pellet mill, whatever you want. For example, if there is no power supply around the place where you produce pellets, but you have a tractor that can be used, a PTO pellet mill will help you a lot, for it can transfer energy from the tractor to the alfalfa pellet mill.

Apart from alfalfa, there are still many other biomass raw materials that can be processed by the alfalfa pellet mills. Just contact us and question.