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Empty fruit bunches pellet machine

oil palm tree abundant efb waste
About EFB
In tropical countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia, palm oil is one of the most important necessaries of life; you must have seen food fried with palm oil often, it comes from the fruits of oil palms. Physically, the fruits have red color, and they grow in bunches. As shown in Fig. 1. 
Generally speaking, in harvest season, every 100 kg of fruit bunches produces 22 kg of palm oil and 1.6 kg of palm kernel oil. Therefore, after the fruits are ripped from bunches, large quantities of bunches, called the empty fruit bunches( As shown in Fig.2), usually abbreviated as EFB, refers to the empty husks after oil is extracted from palm fronds, are produced, and they are left useless every year. The abundance of EFB severely threats the environment; therefore, there are strong motivations to find an effective and new way to be able to further utilize these excessive side products as renewable energy sources.
oil palm fruits empty fruit bunch
Fig.1 oil palm fruits Fig.2. Empty fruit bunch
About EFB pellet 
Now that there are abundant of EFB left every year, and it is harmful to the environment if the EFB is incinerated into ash or in some circumstances are just left in the field, people have been to use the professional equipment EFB pellet machine which can processes EFB into pellets to protect our environment and the EFB pellets can be burned as biofuels. The reasons why people process EFB into pellets are as follows:
  • EFB pellets can be transported and stored easily; in addition, they are clean and compact and generate less smoke while burning.
  • EFB pellets have a higher calorific value than EFB which can release the pressure of using coal as fuel.
  • EFB pellets are an emerging fuel resource and renewable and can be produced in large scales.
  • The number of raw material is abundant, especially in Southeast Asian, and the raw material is of high quality. Rich in crude fiber.
  • The scope of application is wide; EFB pellets can be used as fuels by enterprises to heat boilers, but also can be used for household.
efb pellet

About EFB pellet machine
Due to the high moisture content and crude fiber of EFB, moreover, it is featured of high hardness, high content of oil and water, and strong tenacity which make EFB a great material for pelletizing, but simultaneously make it more difficult to pelletize. Therefore, professional and specialized EFB pellet machine is needed to produce pellets from EFB. And when we use EFB pellet machine to produce EFB pellets, there are some issues should be solved prior to pelletizing, such as drying, crushing, etc, so the best choice of EFB pellet machine is ring die pellet machine which is designed to process hard material such as EFB and palm fiber. And at the same time, there can have some auxiliary equipment. So if you want to make EFB pellets, we strongly suggest you building an EFB pellet production line. The EFB pellet machine in picture comes from GEMCO which is a reliable and quality guaranteed company. And any question about EFB pellet machine you can consult it. Want to know more about EFB pellet machine, please click here.