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Buy a Grass Pellet Machine, Enjoy the Convenience


Wood pellets have a very wide range of use, both in large-scale factories and small enterprises. But do you know the fact that not only sawdust but also grass can become the raw material of pellets? Yes, grass is also material for pelletizing which has just come into sight of the public. With a promising future, they are processed by grass pellet machine and can be used as both biofuel and livestock feed.


You can easily spot why grass has the potential to be made into pellets. Widely distributed in many places around the world and classified into various species, grass is one of the plant resources that can be easily attained, especially for people living in a meadow. You can simply collect grass from lawns and fields, and then process it into grass pellets using a grass pellet making machine and other related devices.

There are many advantages to make grass pellets with grass pellet machines. As a renewable resource that can produce much less greenhouse gas and sulfur dioxide, grass pellets are more environmentally friendly than traditional fossil fuels. Being an annually renewable crop, perennial grasses store much solar energy and are easy to grow, harvest and process. Not only do grasses store vast amounts of carbon in the root systems and soil, but also they can be found globally in a wide range of geographies, climates, and soil types. Besides, like other biomass pellets, grass pellet is a cheaper heat source than fuel oil or coal.

When you consider purchasing a grass pellet making machine to make grass pellets yourself, there is one thing to note that it is not appropriate for some grass pellets to be taken as fuel, for their combustion result is definitely not what you want - They may cause damage to your pellet stove and produce a high ash content of 7% - 10%. Based on empirical evidence, hemp, miscanthus, reed canary grass and switchgrass are most suitable for grass pellets as fuel.

Widely planted and easy to get, the economical and renewable grass pellets are entering more houses and factories, and with a grass pellet machine you can enjoy the convenience. Why not come and feel it?