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This machine is used for packing Mineral Water, Synthetic Juices, Milk, Butter Milk and Arrack, special pump is required for oil, fruit pulp, ghee & vanaspati.
Technical Specifications of the machine as follows:

Electric Supply :380V/50HZ
Power Consumption:1.2 KW
Filling Range :200ml – 500ml
Production :Capacity 1300-1600 packets/ hr
Weight: 350kg
Outside dimension: 850*750*1600mm

Powder and pellet weighing, filling and packing machine

Bag filling, weighing plant, industry balance, packaging installation, semi-automatic balance, the balance for weighing out strewing goods, granulates, sand, animal fodder, etc.
Technical Specifications of the machine as follows:

Electric Supply: AC380V (-15%+10%) 50HZ
Power Consumption: 1.1 kw+0.37kw (sewing machine)
Filling Range :5kg – 50kg
Production :Capacity 180-240 bags/ hr (slow speed); Capacity 300-350 bags/ hr (high speed).
Air Consumption: 0.08-0.12m3/min
Temperature: -10-60 degree (in storage), 0-40 degree (working)

Semiautomatic Auger filling machine

This type can do measuring and filling work. Due to the special design, so it fits more to the fluidic or low-fluidity materials, like milk powder, Albumen powder ,solid drink, white sugar, dextrose, coffee powder, fodder, pharmaceuticals, agriculture pesticide, granular additive, dyestuff, and so on.

Technical Specifications of the machine as follows:
Metering Mode: Auger rotation filling traced by weighing feedback
Packaging Weight: 10 ~ 5000g (The screw attachment is to be changed)
Packaging Accuracy: Package weight < 100g, with an error<2%
100 ~ 500g,with an error<1%
>500g,with an error>0.5%
Filling Rate: 40 ~ 120 times/min
Power Supply: 3P / 220V ~ 415V
Total Power: 3P / 220V ~ 415V
Total Weight: 260Kg
Overall Dimensions: 1140×970×2030mm
Hopper Volume: 45L (65L for oversized hopper)

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