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Oil Refinery

1)Small Plant of 0.5-30TPD
2)Big Plant of 30-100TPD

There’re two of oil refinery:physical & chemical.
Physical oil refinery:
This means removing gum inoil during degumming process in special method and removing FFA during deodorizing process with steam.
1. Less oil losss and high refining ratio;
2. No waste water in the process of production;
3. More FFA is distilled out;
4. Moresuitable for oil with high acid value and low gum impurity

Chemical oil refinery:
This means removing FFA in a chemical way (acid-base neutralizaion). The produced gum and soapfoot are separated by centrifuges. Chemical refining has following features:
1. Excellent adoptability and less requirements to oil quality;
2. The final oil quality is consistent;
3. Less clay is added into compared with pahysical refining.

Oil refinery processing can remove phospholipid, FFA, pigment, off-flavor and other impurities. It includes the following sections: Oil Dugumming, Oil Deacidifying, Oil Bleaching, Oil Deodorizing and Oil Dewaxing.

Oil Bleaching

Degumming and Alkali Refining

Oil Deodorzing
Dewaxing and Fraction

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