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Seperat the solid material into different groups according to sizes
Moving the impurity
By using the high precise sieve,this machine can move out the impurity quickly
This machine can filter the solid impurity from liquid quickly
product name GC standard type

This type is applicable for an automatically-supplied streamline. This machine can be installed 1 to 5 layers in it .Moreover , The latest-designed frame can meet the needs of many walklines for its efficient filtration

product name GC flanged type
This type is applicable for filtrating liquid materials or manually-supplied powder ones .
product name GC sluice gate type
Information This type is applicable for filtrating special fine materials .
product name GC supersonic type
Information This type consisting of the sifters and the supersonic is applicable for filtrating materials with static electricity,strong stickness and irregular shapes . The machine can be installed three layers max . The latest-designed frame can be designed as removable type, flanged type and standard type .

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