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1. The whole line to process the almond/apricot seed

The Almond decorticating plant is mainly used to decorticate the hard shells of almond seed of each specification. By adjusting the clearance among the first, second and third-level processing press rolls, this machine may decorticate shells of almond seeds with three different specifications at the same time.
Almond peeling machine

The steeped almond shall be put into the feeder of the peel machine, then peel off the hull by friction of the peeling rubber ring and discharge the hull after auto segregation by the separating unit. It chiefly used in primary conversion of the almond material or used in food, canned almond, almond vegetable, drinks and almond milk.
Rate of whole kernel(%)
Complete machine specification(mm)
2. The whole line to process the sunflower seed/pumpkin seed/hemp seed/pine nut seed

The plant is appropriative machine designed to hull, remove shells, separate and re-separate for many kinds of oil seeds.
The distinguished characteristic of the equipment is that there is no need to grade the raw materials to more grades, only the AA grade need to be graded to 2 grades and processed separately. Furthermore, there is no need to separate the kernels from seeds by sieves any more, but by the positive-pressure separator. Therefore, the process has been simplified and the automatization degree and efficiency have been improved greatly.

The flow chart
The equipment consists of 1. Feed-in hopper, 2.vibrating scatter, 3.combined spiral elevator, main part of machinery (4.huller, 5.shells collector, 6.positive-pressure separator which separates the seeds from the kernels, 7.cyclone, and 8.spiral discharger), 9.double-outlet spiral elevator, 10.positive- pressure separator and electric control cabinet.

Technical Parameters
Power: 13.97Kw(380V)
Processing capacity: 0.8 -1 t/h (kernel)
Rate of whole kernels: 90% min. (Broken kernel is that less than 1/2 of whole kernel)
Rate of seeds in the kernels: 2% max.
Rate of seeds and kernels in the shells: 0.3% max.
Occupied area: 18m×2.8m
Height: 3.2m
Weight: 7t
Operator: 2 person

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