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Screw Fruit Juicer Application: AGICO juice machine can press juice from fruits such as tomato, pine- apple, apple orange etc.
1. screw propell press
2. automatic separating the juice and dregs
3. part which contacts material is made of stainless steel Main specification

Type LZ-0.5 LZ-1.5 LZ-2.5 LZ2-1.5 wo-stage LZ2-2.5 two-stage
Capacity(t/h) 0.1-0.5 0.3-1.5 1.0-2.5 0.3-1.5 0.3-1.5
Power 0.75 4 11 5.5+1.1 11+4
Size(mm) 1000*320*980 1560*450*1340 2200*600*1560 2500*450*1340 4000*600*1560
Fruit Juicer, Juice Machine
Juice Machine, Juice Extractor
LZ Mono-stage Juice Machine
LZ2 two-stage Juice Machine
Movable Juice Producing Line For Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
The complete Movable Fresh Fruit-vegetable Virgin Juice processing Equipment has been successfully developed by Senior engineer. It has solved the problem of troublesome long-way transportation, storage and on-site processing in the growing area for juicy fruits like Kiwi fruit, sorosis, strawberry, cherry or hippophae phamnoides, etc. This achievement has not only brought renovations to China’s Fruit-vegetable virgin juice processing technology and concerned equipment, but also gained excellent social and ecological benefits. More details…..
Grape fumet
Bramble fumet
Strawberry fumet
Cherry fumet


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