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The hulled sesame seed has the extensive use in the food industry, which can be used to produce hulled sesame paste, upscale cakes, biscuit, hamburger (McDonald & KFC), aviation food, upscale candy, moon cake, roast, and which is the important condiments in Japan & Korea food to improve the color and aroma of dishes.

Technology Flowchart for Hulled Sesame seed

Sesame Peeler
JPFQ-120 Integrated Sesame Peeler
Capacity: 5Ton/1Day
Power: 7.5 kw
Weight: 800kg
Over Size (mm): 1200 * 1430 * 2360
DL-80 Sesame Peeler
Capacity: 8-10Ton/1Day
Power: 3.0 kw
Weight: 400kg
Over Size (mm): F800*1400
The ratio of peeling: 99%
Impurity in the dehulled sesame: <0.2%
The ratio of sesame kernel: 72%
FG-70 High-efficient Fluidized Dryer
Capacity: 150-200kg/1hour
Power: 15kw
Temperature: <120oC
Board Dimension: 1000*1200*5720mm
The diameter of strone grinder:730mm
The thickness of the one stone grinder:260mm


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